Life Loyal


Life Loyal Alpha Chi Omega is for alumnae and collegians of all ages who choose to support Alpha Chi Omega and be engaged and informed at the highest level.

Life Loyal was created to honor and recognize the thousands of dedicated Alpha Chi Omegas who have lived our ideals. It’s also for those who want better services for themselves and all of our collegiate and alumnae members.

Example: When a recent study showed overwhelmingly that Alpha Chi alumnae and collegians wanted a more inspiring, entertaining and contemporary magazine, we did something about it through Life Loyal. In addition to using Life Loyal membership fees to enhance and support services for our members, a large portion of the revenues will be invested in an endowment fund to enhance The Lyre over time. This helps take the increasingly difficult burden of paying for The Lyre off the shoulders of collegiate members and allows Alpha Chi to invest in a meaningful and exciting print and online magazine for many years to come.

In the near future, as a way to control costs, only those members who are Life Loyal, our current collegians, and members who purchase an annual subscription will receive The Lyre. Lifetime subscriptions will be guaranteed only to Life Loyal members.

We want you to join us in becoming a Life Loyal Alpha Chi Omega charter member. Your support for this new program will keep the spirit of our sorority going strong and pave the way for a brighter, more successful future.

If you’re ready to be Life Loyal, join now.

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