August 2018


If you are like me back when I signed up for recruitment in fall 2016, you might have a lot of questions about what to expect. It can be a nerve-wracking thought going through a process talking to a bunch of peppy sorority girls. And the stereotypes don’t do us any justice. I sat and wondered what they were going to say, what I was going to say, how to make myself stand out from the crowd, and what on earth to wear! Looking back, there are five things I believe were the key to finding my home. I hope this helps you as you begin your recruitment journey!

1. Dress to Impress

Everyone’s probably heard the saying once in their life, “Dress for the job you want, not the one you have”. You can apply this to sorority recruitment as well. Choose clothes that show us you’ve taken the time and effort to get ready for the day. It’s all about making that lasting first impression. And if you dress confidently, you’ll be confident too!

2. Know What You’re Getting Into

During those five days of recruitment, you’ll have a lot of information thrown at you. Sorority women will be talking to you about dues, time commitment, service activities, sisterhoods, and other events. It can get a little overwhelming. But it’s important to understand what you’re getting into. Take the time to listen as we talk about sorority life commitment during house tours. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! It’s better to know what is expected of our members now so that you are able to make an informed decision about which chapter is best for you.

3. Be Open

Everyone will tell you to be open and to be yourself during recruitment. But what’s as equally as important is to be open with your family and loved ones about your choice to go Greek. When I decided to join a sorority, my parents were a little apprehensive. They knew what the sorority stereotype was and they did not want that for me. Communicate with your loved ones why you chose to sign up for the process and what you hope to gain from it. Help them resolve their concerns and questions by attending the parent/family orientation with them that Wednesday of recruitment. By being open with them you can be more confident in your decision to join a sorority.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Communicate

This past year alone I’ve heard from so many girls saying that they were afraid to tell their favorite sorority that they really liked them. They thought it was just not something you said during recruitment. But I’m here to say we absolutely want to know if you like us! Our goal is to make sure we invite girls into our chapter that love us as much as we love them. So don’t hesitate to tell us why you think you’d get along well as a member of the chapter. Communication is key!

5. This is Your Journey

Above every other tip and trick I can share with you about recruitment, this one is the most important. Remember that this is YOUR journey. You might make friends with other girls going through the process. After all, you’ll have a good amount of down time getting to talk to them and wait for your next party. It’s great to form bonds with girls going through the same thing as you. You might even be roommates with some of them or have met them during UTA orientation. But don’t let others sway your decision. Trust your instincts. Please make sure you choose the chapter that YOU love the best and where YOU feel at home. I’ve heard too many unfortunate stories of girls choosing a chapter just because their friend did and then regretting it a few weeks later. Don’t follow the crowd, follow your heart.


Remember that recruitment is FUN! While I admit I was pretty nervous as the doors opened to the first party I was attending on round one, I left extremely excited and pumped for the next few days. I still get excited thinking about it! And I’m even more thrilled to meet each and every one of you this year. I wish you all the best!

Much Love,

Rebecca Wabbersen

Alpha Chi Omega

VP Recruitment

July 2018

Recruitment time is almost upon us! We are getting so excited to meet all the wonderful girls who decide to rush into UTA’s CPH community. A few words of advice for girls who are thinking or are going to go through recruitment!

Have an open mind. It’s so easy to have your mind set on where you want to go. There could be parts of yourself that fit into a home you didn’t even realize you needed. Sometimes things don’t work out and you end up falling in love with a whole new or different chapter. There are awesome girls in every house here at UTA, so coming in with an open mind to all will allow yourself to have the best rush experience with every one of them.

Be yourself!! The best way to ensure that you wind up where you’re suppose to be is by staying true to yourself. This sisterhood is for a lifetime, and you should never enter that bond by being anything less then who you are inside and out.

Recruitment week is such a fun week, and you will be running home before you know it with a bunch of girls you will get to call your sisters! Greek life is an opportunity to experience so many great things and to get involved. I would recommend it to anyone. I wish you all the best of luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

May 2018

The month may, love/hate relationship. Love it because it means school is almost over but hate it since the workload from school somehow seems to double while the procrastination just seems to get worse and worse. Besides all the L’s that were taken this past semester let’s talk about the W’s. Alpha chi is on the road to success, winning the VP of Risk Management award, the VP of Public Relations and Marketing award from Headquarters, AND the Intramural trophy for the 6th time.

Some of your favorite gals got recognized by UTA for their strong leadership they show on campus, Congrats to our VP of Intellectual Development, Hannah Sligar, for winning the Maverick Leadership Scholarship and Outstanding Student Leader award AND another congrats to our very own Madam President, Meaghan Harraghy for winning the Dr. Wayne Duke outstanding Student Leader award and Scholarship (the TOP student leader award at UTA).

Now to focus on kicking butt at recruitment and welcome fall 18!!

April 2018

Being involved on campus is something Alpha Chi’s take a lot of pride in, this month I really want to highlight all the WIN’S for intramurals that were made. Being active, healthy, and going out to support your fellow alpha chi’s is what we love!!

Shout out to all the girls who would go out and kick butt at every intramural game HELPING WIN FOUR Intramural championships especially to our Intramural chair, Mariah Meyer, who has been an amazing leader! And to my other peeps on the sideline who cheer and shout for every success made, you’re just as valued as the players.

In order: Soccer, Softball, Basketball, and Volleyball!!! WOOHOO

March 2018

WOO HOO, we’ve made to the end of march!!! Hands down, March is the best month of the spring semester because of spring break AND OUR 5K!!!! If you didn’t already see the trillions of posts from the 5k on March 24th, safe to say you missed out. Huge thank you to those who came out and participated, I was extremely happy to see everyone who survived spring break AND the dreadful week of school that came after.

For those of you who are really interested about what our philanthropy is about, here are the basics. Despite what some of the community pay think, I WOULD LIKE TO ANNOUNCE that 75% of our proceeds go to Safehaven of Tarrant County while the other 25% of the money goes to the foundation. The Alpha Chi Omega foundation has a mission that supports the educational and philanthropic purposes through effective fundraising and stewardship of financial resources. With that being said, we get educated to help educate those around us. Each school in every different state has their own different ways towards helping raise awareness to end domestic violence & sexual assault.

With Epsilon Lambda at UTA, our 2 major events are Casino Night which is held during the month of November in the Fall semester and our Paint the Campus Purple 5k held in March during the Spring semester. Both of these events take months in planning that help bring happiness to those in need, VP of philanthropy your work does not go unnoticed, ever.

January 2018

And just like that winter-break is over. Back to reality, personally my sleeping schedule has been ruined ever since college begun. So it’s safe to say the sleepless nights are just going to continue and the 12 alarms I set for school are coming back on this week.

The start of a new semester is always bittersweet, having real strong women around you all the time really helps motivate oneself to become better. Leaving home can leave you feeling a little lost again, but having this family away from home can help you find your way. Picking up on study habits and the self well ness activities that help you keep your cool throughout the semester are important, all which come from the girls I have around me.

Wishing all of you guys an awesome first week of school, can’t wait to see what this semester holds for our sisters and the UTA community.