March 2018

WOO HOO, we’ve made to the end of march!!! Hands down, March is the best month of the spring semester because of spring break AND OUR 5K!!!! If you didn’t already see the trillions of posts from the 5k on March 24th, safe to say you missed out. Huge thank you to those who came out and participated, I was extremely happy to see everyone who survived spring break AND the dreadful week of school that came after.

For those of you who are really interested about what our philanthropy is about, here are the basics. Despite what some of the community pay think, I WOULD LIKE TO ANNOUNCE that 75% of our proceeds go to Safehaven of Tarrant County while the other 25% of the money goes to the foundation. The Alpha Chi Omega foundation has a mission that supports the educational and philanthropic purposes through effective fundraising and stewardship of financial resources. With that being said, we get educated to help educate those around us. Each school in every different state has their own different ways towards helping raise awareness to end domestic violence & sexual assault.

With Epsilon Lambda at UTA, our 2 major events are Casino Night which is held during the month of November in the Fall semester and our Paint the Campus Purple 5k held in March during the Spring semester. Both of these events take months in planning that help bring happiness to those in need, VP of philanthropy your work does not go unnoticed, ever.