May 2018

The month may, love/hate relationship. Love it because it means school is almost over but hate it since the workload from school somehow seems to double while the procrastination just seems to get worse and worse. Besides all the L’s that were taken this past semester let’s talk about the W’s. Alpha chi is on the road to success, winning the VP of Risk Management award, the VP of Public Relations and Marketing award from Headquarters, AND the Intramural trophy for the 6th time.

Some of your favorite gals got recognized by UTA for their strong leadership they show on campus, Congrats to our VP of Intellectual Development, Hannah Sligar, for winning the Maverick Leadership Scholarship and Outstanding Student Leader award AND another congrats to our very own Madam President, Meaghan Harraghy for winning the Dr. Wayne Duke outstanding Student Leader award and Scholarship (the TOP student leader award at UTA).

Now to focus on kicking butt at recruitment and welcome fall 18!!