Philanthropy Events

At Alpha Chi Omega’s 1992 National Convention, delegates voted to adopt the Support of Victims of Domestic Violence as a national altruistic project. All members, collegiate and alumnae are encouraged to provide service in their community to local shelters or organizations aiding victims of domestic violence. This expression of concern for others, especially women and children, offers a concentrated way for Alpha Chi’s nationwide to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

In addition to raising awareness through the events sponsored by our chapter, our members also partake in many community service events, and hold fundraisers to raise awareness for other causes as well. Our sisters can always be seen on campus, supporting other Greek and non-Greek  organizations’ fundraising and philanthropic efforts. Members of our chapter take an active role in the community in order to raise awareness and educate women and men alike on what a healthy relationship is and what an unhealthy one might look like. We provide a opportunity for an open environment where a conversation can be started so that people can take an honest look into their own relationships. Our passion for this issue can be seen throughout the entire year! 

Alpha Chi Omega here at UTA holds two major fundraising events each year! All funds are donated to SafeHaven of Tarrant County, The Alpha Chi Omega Foundation, and Alpha Chi Omega Housing Corporation.

Casino Night

In the fight to raise awareness on the epidemic of Domestic Violence, Alpha Chi Omega is on the front line. In an effort to raise awareness and funds for this issue, the Epsilon Lambda chapter hosted their 27th Annual Casino Night on November 11th, 2018. The event was held at the Arlington Convention Center. At Casino Night, guests were able to enjoy Texas Hold ‘Em, Roulette, Craps, and Blackjack, as well as potentially winning numerous donated prizes throughout the night. This event is wonderful for the community, as people of all ages come together to enjoy a night of chance and to support Alpha Chi with our goal of spreading awareness of Domestic Violence, we were able to raise almost $40,000!


In the Spring semester of 2019, Epsilon Lambda hosted the annual 5k race at The Green in College Park called “Paint the Campus Purple”. This race was created to raise awareness for Domestic Violence. That semester, we raised over $14,000 and had over 300 participants. It is an inspiring event as members of the community get together and push their bodies in order to reach the finish line, and with efforts they race towards a society where there is a higher standard of health within relationships. At the end of the race everyone receives a cup of purple powder which is the color of domestic violence awareness, and we all throw it in the air. This explosion of color shows us what a group can do together, as the sky turns purple we hope that people can see that their one cup helps the impact. Every person matters in this effort towards raising awareness, and every year we grow, we show what impact we want to leave for our community.