Recruitment Tips

College is a chance for a whole new start and to some people that might mean a whole new you, or discovering yourself on a deeper level. When joining an organization like Alpha Chi Omega, it is a chance to grow with girls of different experiences but similar values.

So when going through the process of trying to find which CPH sorority is the best fit for you, be NOTHING LESS than YOURSELF.

There is no mold you have to fit into, or a wrong or right thing that you can say. This process is purely for you, to find the group of girls that will help you grow in ways that you might not even expect.

Getting to know us and us getting to know you helps create bonds that are as genuine as the bonds that all the current members of Alpha Chi Omega have here. Since the University of Texas at Arlington’s CPH community isn’t huge we really are a family and we hope you can find you’re home away from home here with us at Alpha Chi Omega.