Letter from VP Recruitment

Welcome Class of 2021!

Coming to UTA I knew that I wanted to surround myself with people who would support me through college and maybe even beyond that. Alpha Chi Omega quickly approached me and convinced me how much Alpha Chi had done for them in their lives. I didn’t know if going Greek was going to be my answer, but I shortly learned that it was all that and more. Not only did I find women that shared my ideals and values, but women who would stand beside me and encourage me along the way.

Maybe you too are looking for a group of like-minded women that can support you and encourage you to accomplish your goals. I don’t know where I would be without Alpha Chi Omega and I would love to help you find your new home here on campus. I hope that along the way you can discover how Alpha Chi Omega can help you during your collegiate experience and even beyond into your life as a Real Strong Woman.

Feel free to reach out to me or anyone of my sisters and learn what Alpha Chi Omega can offer you on campus.

With Love,
Alexandra Koke

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