Alpha Chi Omega is a fraternity of women built upon five key values: academic interest, character, financial responsibility, leadership, and personal development. Our real, strong women hold high social and academic standards both on and off of campus, as well as high standards for each other. Together, we promote the importance of love, loyalty, and healthy relationships within our organization.

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A Letter From Hannalore Saab, Our Chapter President

This year has already been such a wild rollercoaster with so many changes, but Alpha Chi has shown nothing but resilience. As chapter president I know we are capable of getting through anything. With recruitment potentially looking different this year I know that we may face some challenges we haven’t before, but I am positive we will still succeed because when we’re together anything is possible even if together means virtually. We have so many plans for this upcoming semester, and even though they may have to be adapted there is nothing we cannot do. As Alpha Chi Omega’s we live by being Real Strong Women which means there is nothing we aren’t capable of. We are a group of strong, powerful women who stand together to fight for our causes, to better our community, and to better each other. 

A Letter from Alondra Padron, Our Chapter Vice President of Recruitment

Dear Potential New Members, 

Welcome to the University of Texas at Arlington! My name is Alondra Padron, and I am the Vice President of Recruitment for Alpha Chi Omega. I am so excited to get the opportunity to meet you! 

It is certain that we can all agree much of our life is now up in the air, and that these times have been difficult and frustrating to experience. Many moments you waited your entire life to experience were inadvertently taken from you. But we, Alpha Chi Omega, want you to know that your efforts, strengths, and hard work do not and will not go unnoticed. Although, many of your final high school moments were taken from you, take a moment to think about all of the blissful moments and experiences that lie ahead for you! Your time at the University of Texas at Arlington will be some of the best moments yet! The ladies of Alpha Chi Omega cannot wait to meet you during recruitment and be apart of one of your very first college experiences! Know that we are thinking of you and believe in your abilities to overcome this hard season of life. Most importantly, never forget that you were made for great, beautiful, and wonderful things!